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Haydn2032 – “Showing the world of Haydn and its connections”
(Giovanni Antonini)
Basel, 16 May 2014


Under the musical direction of Giovanni Antonini, the privately-funded music project “Haydn2032” was created to realize a vision: to record and perform – in a unique cycle featuring concerts across Europe – all of Jo-seph Haydn’s 107 symphonies by 2032, the 300th anniversary of the com-poser’s birth. This project’s kick-off event, “Radiale Nacht Haydn2032,” will take place on Saturday, the 21st of June 2014.


This long-term venture is the brainchild of Swiss Cultural Manager Christoph Müller who, inspired by Giovanni Antonini’s conducting of Haydn’s works in January 2013, developed the idea of this visionary music project. Haydn2032 strives not only to present a historically accurate and dramaturgically infor-med reference recording, but to also examine Haydn’s symphonic legacy – while questioning its validity for both the present and future – through a the-matic and multi-disciplinary approach.


Müller found a counterpart in Giovanni Antonini, who assumes the position of Artistic Director for this long-term project and who will work in close col-laboration with the kammerorchesterbasel and the Italian chamber orchestra Il Giardino Armonico. A proven specialist of this period, the Italian conduc-tor approaches his repertoire through intensive and meticulous historical rese-arch. In May 2014, the NZZ regarded his recording of the Beethoven cycle with the kammerorchesterbasel a “piece of the future.” Antonini’s gift for bringing out the finest details of musical and harmonic structures, as well as for making the most complex phrases both vivid and tangible for the listener, promises a new and authentic way of experiencing Haydn’s music. This pro-ject will feature the first complete recording of the symphonies, performed on historical instruments and with the original instrumentation.
This exploration of Haydn’s symphonic universe will not be carried out chro-nologically but thematically. Antonini, who also considers the study of Haydn’s music as a study of human nature, will group the symphonies by theme. In doing so, he presents a musical kaleidoscope of human emotions which are both uniquely portrayed in Haydn’s works, and continue to be well-founded and universal in the 21st century. Works by Haydn’s contempo-raries will also complement the themes of selected works.


Starting in 2014, this project will involve both an annual CD production – which will later be increased to two CDs per year – and a Europe-wide con-cert series. Two concerts a year will take place at residences in Basel, Zurich and Eisentstadt; a successful long-term partnership has also come to fruition with the RADIALSYSTEM V in Berlin, one of the most innovative and expe-rimental venues in Germany. Each of the recordings will be produced toge-ther with the French ensemble Outhere Music; it will also be accompanied by a special collector’s edition, a book with photos and texts by contemporary photographers and authors. Different photographers from the renowned pho-to agency MAGNUM PHOTOS will put together photographic cycles based on each of the themes to go along with the project.


The Joseph Haydn Foundation was founded in May 2013 as the legal, fi-nancial and organizational sponsor of the project Haydn2032. In addition to Christoph Müller, the members of the Foundation’s Managing Board include Jeanne Lüdin-Geiger and Hanspeter Lüdin. As active long-time supporters of the visual arts in Switzerland, Jeanne Lüdin-Geiger and Hanspeter Lüdin also serve as consultants and promoters for this project. The Foundation will be the publisher of the collector’s edition and promoter for the concert series in Basel. “The Foundation hopes to uphold Joseph Haydn’s legacy and to fundamentally revisit his image” remarked Christoph Müller.
La Passione
The project Haydn2032 begins with the motto “La Passione.” The kick-off event will take place on the 21st of June 2014 at 19:00 in Radialsystem V.


There is no other venue in Berlin that allows for the development and presen-tation of innovative concert formats in such as a way as RADIALSYSTEM V. In this vein, Haydn2032 | La Passione will be celebrated in the form of a “radial night”: the ensemble Il Giordino Armonico will perform symphonic works in the Main Hall, while chamber music can be enjoyed in the studios’ relaxed atmosphere.


Complementing the concerts are literary interpretations of Haydn by Bern-hard Lassahn and the author and musician Martin Betz, as well as a conver-sation between Folkert Uhde and Giovanni Antonini and a remix lounge fea-turing Fabian Russ. These events will take place simultaneously on different levels; audiences are encouraged to move freely through the various halls and studios, listen to different concerts and readings, and put together their own programme. The longest day of the year promises to bring one of those fa-mous Berlin summer nights and guarantee an especially atmospheric musical experience for the senses.


The inaugural Haydn2032 CD, La Passione, will be released in early No-vember 2014. In addition to Haydn’s symphonies 1, 39 and 49, this recording will include Christoph Willibald Ritter von Gluck’s music to the ballet “Don Juan” – performed for the first time in the original version and with the origi-nal instrumentation. The first concert tour, which will take place at the same time, will include performances in Basel, Zurich and at the Haydn Festival in Eisenstadt.


The first part of the collector’s edition will consist of the recording, a contri-bution by Giovanni Antonini, photographs by Gueogui Pinkhassov and an essay by Bernhard Lassahn. This collector’s edition will also be available star-ting in November 2014 online through the Joseph Haydn Foundation.


Haydn2032 will not only rexamine one of the most significant composers of the 18th century in a new light. It will also tackle the questions regarding the music scene and the lives of musicians today: how will classical music be presented in the future? How will the recording industry and distribution channels change? How will major music projects be financed and organized? As a project unfolding over a span of almost 20 years, Haydn2032 will re-flect the current and future developments of the music and media worlds in Europe.


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